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Attorney Referral Participation Benefits:

Become Part Of Our Amazing Team Of Attorney’s

Participating in the Kayden Jayce Foundation’s Attorney Referral Networking program offers a myriad of opportunities for personal and professional growth as a practicing attorney.

By devoting time to the Kayden Jayce Foundation, you are providing more than just legal advocacy:

• The chance to work with a well-established organization dedicated to diminishing the negative outcomes of abusive relationships and domestic violence generally

• An opportunity to serve the community and represent indigent clients who desperately need legal assistance but lack the funds to protect themselves and their loved ones;

• Networking opportunities with other attorneys who are volunteering & servicing clients with the Kayden Jayce Foundation;

• The opportunity to develop your professional skill set with an organization who has already established a loyal following of contributors, including award winning broadcast journalist Dave Straub.

We just kindly ask our participating Attorneys to reduce their rates 10%-20% for our Clients.

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